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Sweet Dreams

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The ultimate Javanese Sugar CD is now released. I have selected more than 300 pictures from my colour slide collection taken over a period of more than 20 years. Each image is designed to be presented on a 800x600 (sVGA) screen using 'Hi-color setting'. Every aspect of sugar mill activity is covered and there are also 16 short video clips to show particular aspects of operation.  Some of the pictures appear (in reduced size) on these pages but most have never been published.

The front cover of Sweet Dreams

Loading in the fields
Bullocks hauling cane cars on temporary tracks
Full trains in the countryside
Activity in the mill yards
Night shots with Roman Candles
Mud and ash trains
Shed shots
Mill (steam!) machinery
All major locomotive types including numerous Mallets, Luttermöllers, Klien-Lindner axle locos etc.

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Sweet Dreams is available for the Windows 95 and later platforms only (not 3.1 or Mac).
The pictures may not display properly on monitors set to only 256 colours.

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Steam Power in the Cuban Sugar Mills from the 1980s to the present day.  The last outpost of real American short line steam power on the standard and narrow gauges.

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Rob Dickinson