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The Historic Sugar Mills of Java

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70 years ago, the steam powered sugar mills of Java represented 'state of the art' technology and the island ranked second only to Cuba in world sugar production. Remarkably much of that machinery remains in use at the start of the 21st century and is in effect a living museum of the steam age. Since 2002, I have been researching the mills and their machinery, I have been granted complete freedom of access by the authorities and this is a definitive record of their operation.

This CD is designed to promote a greater awareness of the industrial heritage represented by these mills both inside Indonesia and across the rest of the world.

There are more than 1250 pictures  Each image is designed to be presented on a full 1024 x 768 or 800x600 (sVGA) screen using 'Hi-color setting'. Apart from a few which have appeared on my web site, none of the pictures have ever been published and this is the definitive record of these sugar mills and their largely steam powered/driven machinery:

  • Features hundreds of working stationary steam engines ranging from large 450HP mill engines to the smallest simplex pump.
  • Introductory section covering all the main stages of production with pictures from over 30 mills - harvesting, transportation (steam locomotives!), milling, clarification, evaporation, crystalisation, centrifugation and bagging
  • Detailed coverage of 8 more mills with a high proportion of stationary steam, Karangsuwung, Gondang Baru, Purwodadi, Rejosari, Krembung, Tulangan, Wringinanom and Olean, together with process diagrams and equipment location diagrams.
  • Includes other machinery to put the use of the stationary engines in context and simple technical explanations of the sugar processing for non-experts.
  • Mill location maps

For an introduction to the sugar mills and some more pictures please click here.

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